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Bird control guide for vineyards

Bird control guide for vineyards

Every year NZ wine growers lose millions of dollars in revenue to hungry birds. Large flocks of birds feeding, can quickly cause damage to a vineyard.
Using bird deterrents to reduce bird presence, both in and around the vineyard, can greatly reduce bird damage, increasing crop yield and revenue.

Starlings, blackbirds, sparrows and silver-eyes are some of the main bird species that cause damage for wine growers.
To target these birds, the best success is gained from using a combination of bird deterrents. Multiple deterrents work together to create an affect on the birds that is far greater than individual deterrents used on their own.
In vineyards the best way to deter pest birds, is to use a combination of sound deterrents combined with visual deterrents.
This is an effective but humane and safe way to deter birds and protect your crop.

Sonic Bird Scarers have proved to be a very effective bird deterrent in vineyards.
Package options are now available for the BirdXPeller Pro and larger Super BirdXpeller Pro.
These products use natural bird sounds to help you to deter pest birds. The sound chips can be specially customised to target your specific bird problem, with a variety of different sounds available.
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The picture below shows the approximate coverage of the individual speakers on the sound units.
This picture shows a Super BirdXpeller Pro with 4 speakers at a central point.
Each speaker covers a cone shaped area, as shown, approximately 90 metres long and out to 60 metres wide.
Coverage does depend on weather conditions and the environment it is used in.

Speakers are best positioned above the vines, keep in mind that the sound will not penetrate objects or dense foliage like wind breaks.
You can use the speakers from one central location as above, or in long and narrow it is often better to position speakers in different locations in the block to get the best coverage.
Extension leads or longer speaker cables can be supplied if required. Ask us for advice.
A sound unit can also be setup on a trolley or trailer for portability and moved around the vineyard to problem areas.

Purivox gas guns - bird bangers are another effective sound deterrent for vineyards. These cover large areas and target most bird species, which can be an advantage in large blocks.
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Visual deterrents are an effective way to create a further deterring effect on the pest birds.
Predator kite kits work particularly well when used in conjunction with the sound units above. Birds will associate the predator cries from the sound unit with the predator kites. This creates a very realistic situation and has an excellent deterring effect on the birds, forcing them out of your orchard.
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Fog Force used with a thermal fogger is a handy tool to help you break birds habits and keep them out of shelter belts and other similar areas.
Fog Force is best used in the morning and evening as birds fly in or out of an area. Often after a few days of experiencing the pain caused by fog force, the birds have had enough and will not return for some time.
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Pyrotechnics are a great way for you to move flocks of birds when you are in the vineyard and also help you to break birds habits of coming to a particular area. Many growers are now using these with excellent results.
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Helping vineyards grow with innovative solutions for bird control.
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