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Free delivery within NZ - on orders over $99.00 + GST
Free delivery within NZ - on orders over $99.00 + GST


Bird-X Sound Deterrents

Bird-X in the USA have been supplying effective and humane bird control solutions for over 50 years. Use of natural bird sounds have been used for many years as an effective way to deter birds. Bird-X units are designed for long life in outdoor conditions as well as playing high quality and realistic bird sounds for effective bird control.

Why Bird-X sound deterrents are great for bird control:

  • Natural bird distress and predator sounds, cause birds to feel threatened and unsafe. Their instincts tell them to leave or avoid the areas covered.
  • These sounds can be volume adjusted to blend in with the surrounding environment, so they can be used in more confined or built up areas.
  • A range of time delay settings as well as day, night or 24 hour use options.
  • Each sound unit has a combination of 8 different sounds which can be used interchangeably and randomized to prevent bird habituation.
  • Additional sound cards can be used to target different bird species or used for variation.
  • We have large sound library with the ability to target a variety of different bird species in different areas and situations.
  • A simple and cost effective way to deter birds from large areas. Different size units are available depending on the coverage required.

What our customers say:

“Last season worked out very well for us with very little bird damage. We decided to invest in some specialized bird control equipment from Pestgard to protect 5 hectares of Gold Kiwifruit. Some Super BirdXPeller Pro units were purchased along with some Predator Kites. Plant & Food Research told us we had done well compared to other growers in the area that suffered from bird damage." - Kiwifruit Grower - Te Puke

“We have finished using the Mega Blaster in our vineyards now and are very pleased with the results. There was very little bird damage within a 200 meter radius (12½ hectares) and it was significantly reduced over a 250 metre radius (20 hectares). I would have no hesitation in recommending this electronic equipment as an important tool in bird control." - Vineyard - Nelson

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