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Free delivery within NZ - on orders over $99.00 + GST



Pyrotechnics are banger or screamer cartridges fired from a hand held launcher pistol. Our cartridges are imported from a specialist manufacturer in Germany, for reliable and consistent quality. Pyrotechnics are an effective way to add to any bird control program in vineyards.

Why Pyrotechnics are great for bird control:

  • Bangers and screamers threaten, confuse and disorient all bird species, creating an environment they quickly learn to avoid.
  • Pyrotechnics are portable and can be used anywhere to quickly move on large flocks of birds attacking a vineyard.
  • Use of both banger and screamer cartridges, confuses birds and prevents them from becoming used to the sounds.
  • Change and randomization are both important factors in deterring birds. This is easily achieved with pyrotechnics.
  • An easy way to add to any bird control programme, pyrotechnics can be used along with other methods of bird control.
  • Safer and more effective than shooting.
  • A gun licence is not required, pyrotechnics can be used by any member of staff 18 years and over.

What our customers say:

"We were instantly impressed by the volume of the bangers firstly and then we tried a screamer. This was even more impressive by its volume and distance. The sound and scream would travel right across the paddock. The birds moved pretty quickly out of the paddock. We waited to see if they would settle back into the paddock after 5 minutes or so, but they didn't." - Seed Grower - Canterbury

"We have used Pestgard’s pyrotechnic launcher to supplement a shooting and netting programme. Our shooter finds the hand held pistol useful to control birds next to a busy highway where discretion is required. It was effective in splitting and deterring large mobs of starlings, targeting the vineyard. Certainly in the market for more." - viticulturist - Marlborough.

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