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Free delivery within NZ - on orders over $99.00 + GST


Airport Safety Week

Airport Safety Week

Today is Wildlife Hazard Management Day of Airport Safety Week

Since 1988 as a result of aviation wildlife strikes world-wide:

  • Over 262 people have been killed
  • Over 250 aircraft destroyed
  • Estimated cost of wildlife damage totals more than 1 billion USD each year.

Airport Safety Week is the perfect time to review your wildlife management strategy and ensure you are doing all you can to mitigate the risk of wildlife strikes.


What are good wildlife control solutions and how can Maintrac Group assist your wildlife management strategy?
We have assisted a large number of airports with their wildlife management strategy. Our suppliers and advisers have experience in wildlife management at many international airports. This support allows us to provide smart and effective solutions for wildlife mitigation that cater for the requirements of individual airports.

What our customers say about popular products we have specified for airports:

Remote Controlled Gas Guns:
"The remote gas guns on our airport are highly effective on all birds, ideal on hard to reach locations, there is no bird habituation with no timer involved, there is a long reach and the gun is economical!"

BirdEraser Laser Deterrents:
"We have had experience with three different lasers to date. The BirdEraser model performs the best we have used. On normal sunny days you can expect it to be effective well in excess of 200m and on dull days out to 500m plus"

"We were instantly impressed by the volume of the bangers firstly and then we tried a screamer. This was even more impressive by its volume and distance compared to others we have tried"

For our other aviation wildlife solutions, view our aviation brochure.

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