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Technology is changing bird control

Technology is changing bird control

Technology is powerful and cost effective. 'Moores Law" a theory put forward in the 1970s, stated that the power of computer processors would double every 2 years, whilst halving in cost. In the main this has proved to be true, with incredible advances in computers in the last 50 years and substantial decreases in cost. This has driven technological advances in so many ways.
But what does this mean for bird control and how can technology help you reduce bird problems in a variety of different industries?

The old 
Current methods of bird control have often involved physical exclusion techniques, like the use of bird netting which, while being somewhat effective, comes with a number of disadvantages.
Or deterrent options from the simple scarecrow and other visual deterrents, to gas gun bangers. These deter birds to some degree, but haven't always had the effectiveness required to be a stand-alone option for bird control.
Shooting, poisoning and other methods of physically removing birds, are also common and help to reduce a bird problem, but are not an effective and sustainable method long term.

In with the new
Technology is changing bird control, with new solutions now available for protecting a variety of industries and areas from pest birds. Solutions that are not only effective, but are efficient with long term sustainability.

Laser bird deterrents
Laser beams have been used for a number of years as effective bird deterrents. Until now, most laser bird deterrent options have been available as hand-held units, or with auto laser functionality available for indoor units only.
Now with the new Birdzout Auto laser range, we bring to you a range of automatic lasers, suitable for outdoor use in crops, orchards and vineyards as well as use, on and in, industrial buildings. These are backed up by the Birdzout BirdEraser range of hand-held units. Read more about our new Birdzout lasers.

birdzout auto laser

Birdzout Bioacoustics
Bird distress and alarm calls, along with predator and man-made harassment sounds, are well known bird deterrents. Birdzout Bioacoustic units build on the success of the past, combined with advances in technology, to create bird sound deterrents that are far more effective and user friendly, for successful bird control in a variety of areas. Read more about these units.


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