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Free Delivery NZ Wide - On Orders Over $99.00 + GST


Introducing Birdzout Bioacoustics

Introducing Birdzout Bioacoustics

Bird distress and alarm calls, along with predator and man-made harassment sounds, are well known bird deterrents.
Birdzout Bioacoustic units build on the success of the past, combined with advances in technology, to create bird sound deterrents that are far more effective and user friendly, for successful bird control in a variety of areas.

Key Features
Simple touch screen controls For ease of use and quick access to advanced settings. With a large 7”, quick response touch screen, these units are very easy to use.

Time & delay settings
A wide range of on / off times and time delay interval settings, allows control over when the unit is on each day and the random delay times in which the sounds are played.

Large range of sounds
Each unit is supplied with multiple sound libraries. Extra sound libraries can be purchased and added to the unit via a wifi connection.

Automatic changing of sounds
This is an excellent feature allowing automatic changing of sound libraries every few days, preventing bird habituation. (Also saves time having to change the sounds manually).

Duplex speakers:
Birdzout bioacoustic units utilise 2 speakers together for each speaker enclosure or speakerface. 2 speakers work together to create a sound output with much greater clarity and volume than a single speaker used on its own.

Why use birdzout bioacoustics?
  • Easy: Touch screen controls allow access to a range of time, sound selection, delay and other settings. Simple plug in speakers and power source, for ease of installation.
  • Effective: Natural bird distress and predator sounds cause birds to feel threatened and unsafe. Their instincts tell them to leave or avoid the areas covered. These sounds can be volume adjusted to blend in with the surrounding environment, so they can be used in more confined or built up areas. Sounds on the birdzout bioacoustic units are played in random order, at random intervals and also have the option to automatically change the sounds used, every few days, to prevent bird habituation.
  • Custom Sounds: We have a large sound database, with the ability to target a variety of different bird species in different areas and situations. Birdzout bioacoustic units are supplied with a variety of sounds. Extra sounds can be purchased and uploaded to the unit via a wifi connection.
  • Designed & Built in NZ: Birdzout bioacoustics are designed and built in New Zealand by Maintrac Group Limited, from local and imported components.
  • Warranty: 12 months warranty for your peace of mind.

Birdzout bioacoustics protect areas from 1 hectare up 10 hectares. View the options now.

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