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Alphachloralose Paste 500g

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  • Alphachloralose is a narcotic which acts by anesthetizing birds rather than killing them. 

    Special Features:

    • enables nuisance birds to be captured and destroyed while other non-target birds can be revived
    • does not harm birds - only stupefies 
    • easy to use - just spread on bread
    • non- target birds can be revived in a warm dry place
    • ideal for Starlings and otther birds that will not eat wheat or peas.

    Alphachloralose is the ONLY LEGALLY APPROVED substance in NZ that can be used to control bird numbers without a license.

    To obtain maximum effectiveness, all target birds should be pre-fed, 3-4 days before using the paste, so they are aware of the food source

    For most birds spread the paste on bread and make it into a sandwich. Cut this into small squares to feed to the birds. For birds like magpies and mynas, mix the paste with mince or fat or something else they will eat.

    For international users - please check your countries regulations to ensure Alphachloralose is an approved substance. 

    Note: we are unable to refund this if it is rejected by your countries import customs and regulations

    Alphacloralose Paste Instructions

  • This product is restricted in some countries including Australia. Please check your local regulations before purchasing this product, as a licence or import approval may be required to use or import this product.
    This product can be shipped, but Maintrac Group Ltd will not be held responsible or cover costs if the product is declined or returned by customs, or is used in a manner that is not compliant with legal requirements (outside of New Zealand).

    Delivery costs, where applicable, can be calculated on the cart page, add products to cart then view cart and calculate shipping.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great product

Worked a treat on larger pest birds, definitely do in the morning when its cooler but also so you have the day to monitor pest species. Make sure your chickens are locked up too though!

Lou Jones
Received and it's a killer

I was excited to order the product from NZ, seeing that here you have to get only if you are in the industry. The order came through no problem , and maybe these pest pigeons soiling my home sensed sleep time was near. Product is huge, well packaged and came 1 week earlier than expected. Now I am armed with a product that works here.


The paste works well. It is very easy to spread like butter at room temperature. I recommend baiting with bread for a few days along with seed to get the pigeons used to the bread before you start using the paste. Thanks for shipping to NSW, Australia. I'd only recommend taping up the ends of the box so that it can't work its way loose in transit.

Leon King
Great product

A very good service
The product works as described
For half a teaspoon of this product and I was able to pick up 20 nuisance birds

Paul Cimino

I'm a licensed PCP.
I have never used a product such as this.
It worked fantastic, after pre-baiting and using extreme caution, I did have two non-target species ingest the seeds.
I brought them in and placed them in a cage, after a little while, with some heat, they were fine to be released.
The target species were controlled by the seeds, which worked very quickly, and were easily disposed of.
I highly recommend this product. I recommend being very cautious and watching over the baited area, as it works very well and should be used sparingly, as not to target non-pest species.