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How to get rid of mice and rats?

What is the best way to get rid of rats and mice?

Rats and mice have always been a problem for property owners. New Zealand's temperate climate and native forests create ideal conditions for rodents to breed and thrive.

Rodent control products can be used to help protect your property, home or building from a rodent invasion.

Advice for Homes, Sheds & Warehouses:

  • Any food will attract rodents. Keep your floors, benches and other areas clean of exposed food.
  • Block any holes, where possible, that will give access to rats and mice from outside. Curb repellent powder can also be used to deter rodent from access points.
  • Use an Electronic rodent deterrent to keep rats and mice away. The Pestgard Rodentzout Pro is an excellent option for use in your home, shop or warehouse. The Transonic Pro uses powerful ultrasonic and sonic harassment sounds to keep rodents away from large areas. Great for your sheds, storage areas and other buildings, it can be powered from a 12v battery if no power source is available.
  • Mouse traps and rat traps are an excellent way to help you to get rid of persistent rodents outside.
    Nooski traps, are safe, clean, 100% effective and will help you get rid of more rats and mice, quickly.
    The Pestgard Rat Zapper kills rats and mice with deadly consistency. Keep in mind, rats are smart and will often not go into a trap unless no other food source is available.

Rodent Protection Outside:

  • The Yardgard is a weatherproof unit which uses powerful ultrasonic sound to keep rodents and other pests away from outdoor areas. The Yardgard can also be used in your attic, basement and other open areas to keep rats and mice away.
  • Mouse traps and rat traps are an excellent way to get rid of persistent rodents, keep these and any poison outside of areas covered by a rodent repeller.
    Nooski traps are also ideal for use outside, safer than other traps, in areas where there are children, pets or non-target animals.

Read also our guide for trapping rats.

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