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Free delivery within NZ - on orders over $99.00 + GST
Free delivery within NZ - on orders over $99.00 + GST


Pyrotechnics for bird control in crops

Our range of pyrotechnics products have proved to be very successful for bird control in crops.
Many growers say that when they fire off a banger or screamer, birds will leave the area, and do not return.

"We were instantly impressed by the volume of the bangers firstly and then we tried a screamer. This was even more impressive by its volume and distance. The sound and scream would travel right across the paddock. The birds moved pretty quickly out of the paddock. We waited to see if they would settle back into the paddock after 5 minutes or so, but they didn’t." Smith Seeds - Ashburton - read the full testimonial here.

Pyrotechnics are a simple and cost effective method of protecting crops from bird damage. They are also an effective way of preventing bird strikes at airports. View the range here on our website.

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