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Multi-purpose industrial UAVs

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Longer flight times


Fly in most weather conditions


Built for strength

Kiwi Design

Designed and built in NZ

The Enduracopter story

Back in early 2016, we were looking for a drone that was suitable for use as a bird deterrent in crops and vineyards. Not only were we looking for a UAV that could carry a bird sound deterrent, but a drone platform that could fly for long periods of time, in most weather conditions and was strong enough to handle the extremes of the New Zealand environment. We found the market was lacking. We then embarked on a mission to build from the ground up, a drone platform that would meet these requirements. After 2 and a half years of product development and testing, Enduracopter was born.

Enduracopter UAV Drones

Enduracopter UAVs. Multipurpose industrial drones.

Tough: Enduracopter UAVs have powerful motors and a lightweight but strong body.

Weatherproof: Enduracopter's weatherproof frame and quality water and dust proof motors, mean you can fly in all weather conditions. Rain or shine. Snow, dust or sand.

Endurance: Fly for longer with flight times of approximately 40 - 60 minutes (depending on the model), perform all the tasks you need.

Useful in many industries

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